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Дорогие гости!
Приносим свои извинения, в связи с внеплановыми ремонтными работами, баня временно закрыта до конца июня.

Russian bunya is the most famous and original invention of our ancestors.

It is good for your health, brings comfort, makes you, enjoy the heat, aromatic twigs (or venik, several tree branches tied together) and the company of friends .

Russian bunya has been thought over for centuries, the combination of water, heat and cold is a powerful both healing and prophylactic remedy which rejuvenates the body and helps you stay active longer.

Russian bunya is a timbered building with an enclosed stove which has stones on its top and is burnt with firewood.

It takes you 10 minutes to set from the city center to a really unique place where you can have a good time with your family and friends and steam with venik in a Russian bunya build in a Slavic style. Slavic House-Bunya “Zycharka” is a true and thorough Russian bunya. “Zycharka” is a two-storey, hand-hewed pine log house. A steam house is the heart of a bunya. It is situated inside as a separate log building. We use birch firewood in our kamenka (a stove made of stones). It provides steady warmth, nice forest smell and thorough steam. Jade in our kamenka has good influence on people’s health when it gets hot. In our steam house we have cedar shelves, birch (oak, fir, eucalyptus) twigs, teas from Altai, West Sayan mountains, honey from Charysh, young pine cones in syrup. 

Resting in this Russian bunya makes your steaming comfortable and healing. And with the help of simple and effective methods of recovering your health and beauty which has been well-known to our ancestors and which can be made by our masseur you will get a real cure ceremony. There is a large dining hall with comfortable hand-made wooden furniture, satellite television, DVD, karaoke, board games in our Russian bunya. The floor is covered with untislip tiles ant has heating under it. The interior is in the tradition of Russian folk culture. Here you can see Slavic dolls, pisanky (Easter eggs decorated with pictures in Russian Christian style). There is a small pool in the courtyard. According to your desire it can be filled with warm or cold water or herbal decoction. We offer cheerful Slavic games, ping pong table, brazier for barbecue. There is a big living room with three cozy bedrooms. You can relax here with your whole family or a big company of friends. Come to Zycharka for your health and happiness. 

We are waiting for you.