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Bunya for newlyweds

 Bunya for newlyweds

Bunya is not only the place where you can wash and get healthier.  Since ancient times bunya has got great ritual meaning. One of them is newlyweds’ washing after their wedding night. We offer you to spend the second day ofyour wedding here and see the couple off to their honey moon unusually, with the family, according to the ritual. It will help to enter the new life, get clean, wash the past off as bunya cleans not only your body but also your soul. A few facts for newlyweds.

You will have:

  • Warming in a steam house, twig massage
  • Tea with jam
  • Optionally - a conversation with the keeper of folk traditions about the family lifestyle of the Slavs, their way of life
  • If desired, a craftswoman will take measurements from the newlyweds and sew traditional bath shirts for them (extra charge, 2000 rubles)

The programme includes:

  • Bunya rent and bunshchik’s work
  • Twigs - 4
  • Hay, fir, linden bench
  • Herbal tea, foot baths, cedar scrub, cream, masks
  • Bunya set (robe, slippers, sheet)
  • Water, kwas, tea

For health, for a holiday, for joy, come to Zhykharka!

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