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Slavic beauty

What played a significant role in an unconditional Slavic beauty is bunya. Foreigners were amazed at Russian Bogatyry’s health and Russian women’s beauty. Nowadays you still can keep your skin and body healthy under any work or conditions. Bunya ceremony is very helpful for that. Bunya is not just a steam house but also a whole sequence of cleaning and healing procedures.  The professional bunya masseur will prepare thorough steam for you, choose a twig and herbs for your ceremony. And the most important, he will choose the best programme of steaming, temperature changes and massage.

You will have:

  • Warming in a steam house, twig massage
  • Steaming on hay
  • Scrubs and creams, foot baths
  • Contrast procedures
  • Tea with jam

The programme includes:

  • Bunya rent and bunshchik’s work
  • Twigs - 4
  • Hay, fir, linden bench
  • Herbal tea, foot baths, cedar scrub, cream, masks
  • Bunya set (robe, slippers, sheet)
  • Water, kwas, tea

For health, for a holiday, for joy, come to Zhykharka!

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