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Family bunya

Both parents and children can take part. Maybe grandparents. It is a mixed programme where a bunshchik select the intensity of your warming and temperature contrast individually according to everyone’s body characteristics. Special attention is paid to children. The most important thing is their positive impression of bunya. If the company is big we can offer you one more professional bunshchik for additional pay.

You will have:

  • Warming in a steam house, twig massage
  • Steaming on hay
  • Contrast procedures
  • Tea with jam

The programme includes:

  • Bunya rent and bunshchik’s work
  • Twigs - 4
  • Hay, fir, linden bench
  • Bunya set (robe, slippers, sheet)
  • Water, kwas, tea

Your family rest together will contribute to your good relationship.

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