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Bogatyr’s health

Bunya with its twig massage, warmth, steam, temperature and water changes is the most powerful both prophylactic and healing remedy. Russian folklore is full of sayings and proverbs about healing features of bunya. The professional bunshchik experience can help you have bunya in hand, with the help of different twigs, steaming techniques, thoroughly organized steam and temperature changes bunya will be 100% open to you.

You will have:

  • Warming in a steam house, twig massage
  • Steaming on hay
  • Contrast procedures
  • Repeat
  • Tea with jam

The programme includes:

  • Bunya rent and bunshchik’s work
  • Twigs - 4
  • Hay, fir, linden bench
  • Herbal tea, foot baths
  • Bunya set (robe, slippers, sheet)
  • Water, kwas, tea

The main task of the program is to steam you up to 7 sweat.

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